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Fueling International Outreach

While there are many needs in the United States, Project 4031 also serves international hospice and palliative care organizations that need equipment and supplies. Through Fueling International Outreach, gently used medical equipment is donated and distributed to these international organizations. Project 4031 is currently working with a physician group in Belize, in which over half of the population is impoverished and do not have access to adequate healthcare resources.

When the Project 4031 team met a cancer patient in Belize in 2013 the only chair she had to sit in was a plastic lawn chair. She needed a wheelchair for her to sit and be mobile, but her family was not able to afford one. The team could see she was in pain.  Project 4031’s partnership solved this crisis. Through these stories and the many more who come before us each day we know there is a need and Project 4031 will work steadily and faithfully to meet this need.

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