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Fulfilling Dreams

Kid Bear project 4031We fulfill patients’ last dreams so they can leave this world with joy and peace. Unique to Project 4031, we do not have an age limit on making dreams come true. We have fulfilled dreams for those as young as 2 and as old as 104. Project 4031 will also grant second dreams, especially for patients in their adolescence. We have had many stories where a child has received a wish from another organization; but this same child has continued to battle his/her illness and is now considered terminal. Their dream has changed as well as their focus. We want to honor their second dream and allow them to have peace at their end of life.

Often people pass away with regrets; they didn’t get to see someone or a place one last time. Because of their condition and surroundings, they are able to experience life as well as possible. At Project 4031 we strive to make last dreams come true, so they can leave this world with joy and peace.

One young man (15) we had the privilege of serving wanted to make sure his family would not lose their home after he passed away. Due to medical bills, and lapse of working because they were staying home to take care of their son they fell behind on their mortgage. Their sons dream was for the back pay of the mortgage to be paid in full so the family could then move forward knowing their family home was stable. The family could then grieve the loss of their son the way they needed to without another worry on their shoulders. The young man passed away soon after his dream was fulfilled. It was an honor to know he was at peace knowing his family would be taken care of.

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