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Funding for Families

Budget Project 4031Through Funding for Families, we provide financial assistance to terminally ill patients who are having difficulty meeting basic needs such as utility bills, mortgages, groceries, and health care items. It can be extremely difficult for families to manage the financial obligation of caring for a terminally ill loved one.

According to the article Burdens of Family Caregiving at the End of Life from the School of Nursing and Centre on Aging, University of Victoria 2013, 20% of family members had to quit their job, or make another major life change in order to provide care for a loved one. Even when they had medical insurance, a significant number of families suffered financial devastation. The article also states in another study of cancer patients, 40% of families of cancer patients used all savings (if any) and became impoverished by providing care for a loved one. Patients and caregivers at the end of life should not have to worry about finances, but instead focus on living and cherishing moments. Project 4031 is here to create financial relief, by providing financial assistance to meet basic needs. We work to pay rent/mortgage and utilities, so families are not evicted or without water and electricity. If the situation arises, we bring food, clothing and other necessities into the home.

Funding for Families often provides services to ensure families stay in the comforts of their own home. However, every family situation is unique and different. When a ten-year-old little girl found out she had a terminal diagnosis her family moved to Fort Worth from out of state to get the best care possible and to reunite with estranged family members. Unfortunately, her single mom didn’t have the funds or family support to get them into affordable housing so they were forced to stay in a motel temporarily. Her mom was only able to work a part-time job as her primary focus was on caring for her daughter who was in and out of the hospital often. The family needed help with living expenses or they would have become homeless. Sadly, the little girl’s health declined quickly and she was admitted to the hospital and not expected to survive the week. We helped by paying for a two-week’s stay at the motel to allow her mom to be at her bedside and enjoy their last days together. This tragic situation improved in a small way when we ensured the family would not be displaced as they said their final goodbyes to their daughter and sister.

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