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We have Fulfilled our first Dream!!! Baptist Hospice reached out to us to help Fulfill a dream for a loving family who just lost their husband and grandfather.  This sweet man and bride took their grandson in when he was just a few weeks old and over the years they have lost several family members. Recently, the matriarch, loving husband, and grandfather spent his last days on hospice in the comfort of his home and along side his loving family.  Now the grandmother has been left to raise her young grandson who has lost his mother and siblings in recent years.  To create some happy family memories, we asked the family if there was something special they would like to do; the grandson quickly answered he wanted to go to a local Water Park in his hometown.  We were able to grant the family with season passes for the summer of 2014 along with a basket full of goodies for him and his grandmother to enjoy!

It was an honor to meet and be touched by such a loving and caring family. It was evident that even through their heartache they still remain strong in their faith and love.  We will forever be touched by this dear family and look forward to Fulfilling many more dreams in the future.  It is the small things in life, being able to love on someone in a time of need.  Thank you all for your support.

And in the words of the sweet grandson, “I hope I never forget this day…this is the best day of my life.”