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Being a part of a greater plan.

Joshua Robertson, Co-Founder of Project 4031, began showing interest in the hospice industry more than 15 years ago, during his senior class project at Texas Tech University. In his research, he found there was a gap in communication and understanding between hospice companies and equipment providers. In seeing this, he decided he wanted to solve this issue, and thus launched his dream to make a difference in the hospice marketplace.

National HMEJosh took the business plan he created for his senior class project at Tech and used it to start National HME in 2006. National HME started as a local medical equipment company serving hospice patients in Dallas/Fort Worth and has evolved into the nation’s largest and most comprehensive DME solution.

Four years after starting National HME, the Robertson family began to realize that there was a greater need for the families than just medical equipment. Josh would come home to Kristina (his wife and Co-Founder of Project 4031) and talk about the families he saw daily and how he wished they could do more to help. He would hear everything from the last wishes of dying patients to the financial burdens that the families were going through because of their current situation. After hearing so many of the same stories, Kristina, Josh, and George (Josh’s father) decided there was more that could be done.

Josh Kristina RobertsonKristina, a kindergarten teacher at the time, was at a crossroads in her career. She loved her students and co-workers, but felt there was something missing she was not receiving from teaching. In 2010, she decided to resign from her full-time career and focus on becoming part of the solution to better serve terminally ill patients and families.

The Robertson family spent a year researching and with lots of prayer began moving forward to see if this nonprofit truly could become a reality. During that time, they focused on program services, naming the organization, creating a Board of Directors, and receiving their 501(c)(3) status, which was completed in 2011. Project 4031 served our first patient in 2012 by fulfilling a last dream and has been proudly moving forward ever since.

In 2014, a new Board of Directors was formed, and in 2015, Project 4031 brought on its first Executive Director, Leanna Gilles. This small team served over 40 patients and families in 2015. Project 4031 saw immense growth in 2016, hiring another full-time employee, Elizabeth Miller as the Program Services Coordinator, and serving over 165 patients and families through three service areas: Funding for Families, Fulfilling Dreams, and Fueling International Outreach.

Our mission at Project 4031 is to promote peace through physical, emotional, and spiritual support for terminally ill patients and their families, and that is something we strive to do every day.


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